Open Learning Team Meeting
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MOOC = Massive Open Online Course

Keyword: OPEN

MOOCs are:
  • open
  • distributed
  • participatory
  • connective
  • events

A Brief Guide to Understanding MOOCs

A Brief History of MOOCs

Two General Models:

Free as in beer:

coursera.jpgedX_Logo_Col_RGB_FINAL.jpgudacity copy.png

These three initiatives, sponsored by Ivy League schools in the US represent an investment of well over $60 million.

Free as in speech:

Connectivism and Connected Knowledge 2012 (CCK12)

Offered by anyone with an idea to share and some free (as in beer &/or speech) web tools.

Questions and barriers abound!

MOOC Barriers.jpg
(Phil Hill, 2012)

OER = Open Education Resource

Keyword: OPEN

OERs are:
  • free as in beer
  • free as in speech (usually)
  • mashable
  • remixable
  • resources or materials

Huge variety of models:

OERu.pngmerlotlogo.gifKhan.pngOER Commons.pngVeritasium.png

TRU Open Learning

Keyword: OPEN (but not free, as in beer or speech)

TRU-OL Initiatives:
  • OERu - MOOC/OER mashup?
  • MOOCs & PLAR
  • many OERs available on the interwebs, but not much evidence of concerted efforts to mash them up into new resources
  • Course Development (Program Delivery)
    • Course Management Strategies
      • built in Canvas (free, as in beer and/or speech LMS)
      • mashup of OERs from Royal Roads, Athabasca (IRRODL), Australian Learning and Teaching Council, California State University, & Penn State University World Campus
      • free, as in beer, web tools
      • some proprietary content (appropriately referenced)
      • potential as a MOOC?