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Teaching Practices Colloquium

Monday, Feb 20, 2012

Good morning, and welcome to 'Engaging Students with Video'.

Our time is limited and I want to give you as much time as possible to practice recording and uploading a screencast. With that in mind, I have included links to some resources that you may find useful in informing your thinking about using your own videos and screencasts in your courses. Feel free to email the url to this page to yourself so that you can access it on an ongoing basis. You may also be interested in adding your own experiences with the topic as the wiki will be open on the web and freely editable.

While we are waiting for everyone to arrive...

You may have a dialogue window open on your computer directing you to create an account with Please go ahead and sign up for the free option. If you do not have the dialogue window open on your computer, please sign up at


  • analyze the characteristics of online educational video;
  • plan and create a short screencast video;
  • upload and embed a video.


  • It is not about the technology.
  • Rich media are preferable to lean media in communicating complex concepts.
  • There is no significant difference between the effectiveness of ‘online’ and ‘offline’ learning experiences, when all other things are considered equal.
  • Online or offline learning experiences can be designed to take advantage of their respective unique affordances.
  • An increase in ‘faculty social presence’ can increase student satisfaction as well as learning outcomes.


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Muller, D. (2008). Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics Education. Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation, University of Sydney, Sydney. Click Here for access.

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Video Samples

Khan Academy

  • Salman Khan started out creating YouTube math tutorials for his nephews and now has received funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to continue.
  • 2600 videos covering math, science, humanities, interviews, test prep...
  • screencasts recorded with Camtasia, SmoothDraw 3, and a graphics tablet, on a PC.


  • Derek Muller's PhD dissertation @ University of Sydney
  • How should we design science videos for maximum learning?
  • Click Here
  • General science exam
    • Pretest (6.0/26) -> 'Khan-type' video -> Identical Post-test (6.3/26)
      • videos were 'clear', 'concise', and 'easy to understand'
    • Pretest (6.0/26) -> 'Veritasium' video -> Identical Post-test (11/26)
      • videos were 'confusing' and required more mental effort to understand

Key Point

High Impact Practices are the result of well-designed and well-taught learning experiences...NOT about any particular technology!

How to create and upload a simple video...