Using Jing to Create a Video

Jing is a free utility which can be downloaded for free from Jing allows you to record whatever is on your computer screen as a static image (screenshot) or as a video (screencast). You can also record a voice narration, or with Jing Pro, you can record from a webcam.
[Update: March 1, 2012. TechSmith has announced that they are discontinuing support for Jing Pro accounts. They now recommend users to use SnagIt...also available on their website.]

Getting Started

By now, you should have signed up for a account (free version) and you should also see the Jing sun in the top, centre of your screen.

I have created a brief PowerPoint presentation linked at Sample Pres.pptx. Feel free to download it, fill in the blanks and use it to record a screencast.

Mouse over the Jing sun and click the crosshairs. Choose the part of your screen that you would like to record, click the 'Capture a Video' option, wait for the countdown and begin recording. Click the 'Stop' button when you have finished your recording.

Click the 'Upload to' button.

Click Here for a tutorial from the Jing website on recording your first capture.

Embedding your video

Uploading your video to makes it very easy to access a snippet of HTML code which can be embedded into a website such as a blog, Moodle, Blackboard or wiki. While that process may sound intimidating, it is quite simple and you do not need to know anything about HTML code.

Go to and make sure that you click the "Try the new Library (beta)", select the checkbox beside the video you would like to embed, then click 'Share'. Copy the embed code from the third option and paste it into your webpage.

The process for embedding the code will vary depending upon where you are embedding the video. There will be a slightly different procedure for Blackboard compared to Moodle, a blog or a wiki.

Generally, Blackboard and Moodle will allow you to embed videos into new pages, discussion posts, or announcements.

The general principle is the same, regardless of the medium. You can always go back and edit the height and width of the embedded video.

If you need a place to embed a video, feel free to do so on a new page in this wiki.


If you have recorded, uploaded and embedded a video to your website or this wiki, feel free to experiment with some content that you may use in a course you teach, or feel free to help someone around you who may be having difficulty.

Thank you for your participation!